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Deciding to buy or sell a business may be one of the most important and life altering decisions you could make, so it stand to reason that you need to talk to the right people before proceeding.  ORE have in-house experienced personnel who have considerable up-to-date and working knowledge of many industries, hence allowing us to advise you on the best course of action.

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Oakville Real Estate prides itself on doing a good job every time. We have assisted with the transfer of a variety of businesses, from post offices to child care centres, convenience stores to petrol stations, to newsagents, pubs and restaurants.

Whatever the business, we are experts in the mechanics of business transfer, and we know that you’re an expert in your chosen field, too. That’s why we’re confident we can offer you a service which helps you build on that.


Structure is key to a successful business transfer. That is why we have experts who can advise you on the financial, legal and taxation aspects of the process. Good planning works, no matter how many stakeholders are involved, so we make it our business to guide you through the use of financial plans, asset management plans, knowledge transfer plans and business plans.


We can provide you with a series of helpful tools which make it easier to complete the transfer process. Specially formatted plans and manuals, self assessment tools and calculation models make up the tool box from which we work. With all this in place, we then provide a series of experts to assist with the final transfer.

Our team believes in moving forward without fear and stress. By planning from an early stage, we can assist you in buying a going concern, and making it your own success. Call our expert team on 020 8472 9090 for a no obligation discussion about your options.

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  • "Very good and a pleasure to work with. Honest, reliable and trustworthy. Instrumental in pushing deal through. Time was of the essence and ensured all parties were kept abreast of the pressures."

    ‒ Gurdeep
  • "Excellent service, easy to get thru to, kept me informed at all times with the vendors decisions. Staff at the firm were very friendly, professional and the best estate agents I have dealt with. Would 100% recommend them to friends and family."

    ‒ Jatinder